Saturday, February 7, 2009

Go Team Border Collie!

Duke did his first frisbeedog demo today....and did great on a short little toss and fetch.

Then we played a frisbeedog relay race, where we were in teams of 4 dogs. We threw a frisbee for our dog, they retrieved it, and the next dog went. I was one of the suckers chosen as team leader and after I chose my team, I looked down and realized that I had picked 3 black and white border collies. It was team border collie. And Duke. I might need to get Duke a black and white weave so he could fit in. By this point, Duke had been out for hours, playing off and on, and meeting lots of people in between. So he was pooped. So he didn't do well on the relay race. Fortunately, the speedy BCs did a fab job making up for Duke's not-spectacular performance. My team won by a hair, thanks to the BCs, since we had a lot of penalty points to make up, due to my lousy throwing, and Duke not catching many throws.

I was dumb and forgot to recharge the camera battery, so my battery died less than an hour into the demo. As soon as it finishes recharging though, I'll post some of the pics I did take.

2/9/09 Pictures!

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Setsail said...

Go Duke!!!!!

-your border collie fans :)