Sunday, January 31, 2010

The crap my dog puts up with....

Biggie Z, The Notorious D.O.G
is hosting a dog pile competition. The rules are simple, put crap on your dog, take pictures, email it to him. Sounds REAL simple, right? I gathered up some things, and about 20 head pops later, finally got this picture.

Duke is sporting a:
1. remote control on his right paw
2. Nikon lens cap on his left paw
3. nylabone ring precariously balanced between legs
4. blue kong wubba on his neck
5. bright yellow jawz frisbee
6. one of his frisbee competition medals
7. a blue, light blue, and purple fleece tug
8. an orange bumper
9. a squeaky kong toy (tennis ball material)
10. a tuffies ring toy (blue and black, under the bumper and kong toy)
11. his therapy dog vest
12. a dog trick book
13. a bag of Zukes treats
14. a candle
15. a clear, bone shaped award for stupid pet tricks
16. cell phone
18. tennis ball
19. another tennis ball

I had quite an interesting time explaining what I was doing when my husband walked into the room, wondering what I was doing to his poor dog.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"I know where you sleep"

Miss Heidi got spayed last week. The poor girl moaned and groaned for two days, but had a miraculous recovery as soon as she saw my neighbor. When Diana walked in, she jumped up and started bouncing around in her crate. No more moaning and groaning after that. Methinks Miss Heidi is a bit of a drama queen.

Unfortunately, she just started licking at her stitches, and licked them open at night. I attempted to bandage them, but she just ripped them off too. So I borrowed a cone of shame from my brother-in-law. It's pug sized, so it's too big for her, but the pictures are hilarious.

I call this one "I hate you."

"I know where you sleep."


"My legs don't work with this thing on."

"The internets has enough pictures."