Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rally Obedience Class

Poor Miss Coral. Duke does more tricks, and is better behaved in public, so he's the one who always gets to go out and about. However, the reason he's better is because I used him as my demo dog when I was helping a friend at her dog training facility. Prior to that, Coral was the good dog, but Duke improved rapidly when I started working with him more. Coral got the short end of the stick, which is why I need to start working with her again.

So when Holly said she was offering a Rally-O class, I signed Coral up. She knows basic obedience, she just needs to learn to calm down when we're out and about, and this sounded like a lot more fun than a general obedience class.

Because we're more interested in having fun than serious competition, Holly decided to go with UKC Rally Rules. Since it's a short class (4 weeks), Holly went ahead and started with some of the harder exercises first, so the pups would have more time to get them right. Unfortunately, I had not practiced heel with Coral previously, so she was a little behind. She did fine regardless, but she and I are going to practice heel a lot this week.

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