Sunday, May 24, 2009

Doggie DDR

If you enjoy videos of silly pets, is a good way to kill some time. Or you could upload videos of your own silly pets. I'm partial to the dancing dane.

If, however, you're not looking for dancing danes, and you're really looking for a cool collapsible crate for the car like I was, this is the pet tube you're looking for.

ETA: More cute ones:
Pup-o-dile rock
Dog + booties = entertainment
Dog fetches beer and recycles
Life's rough with a yogurt cup on your head
Air hockey, rottie style
Puppy attacks dandelion
How to break in a mattress

1 comment:

csa said...

that is perfect for sasha & opal puppy-talk time, but first I have to find the program for the camera.

p.s. Duke is a far better dancer