Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dogs hate crates...

Can't you tell? Ignore the pathetic face, she was actually refusing to come out of the crate at the time. She loves her pillow, and often runs into her crate after potty breaks, or after playing to rest.

Silly girl has had a love/hate relationship with her crate. The first day, she wasn't used to a wire crate and flipped out, crying for a long time. Thus, my husband nicknamed her YipYip. After moving her pillow in there and feeding in the crate, it's definitely her second favorite place in the house--curled up in someone's lap being her favorite. Twice though, she's gotten her leg caught in the crate while running in or out, which were followed by brief moments of being afraid of the big mean crate. The last time, the little ham was trying to get sympathy by pathetically holding up her paw. That would have worked much better if she 1. didn't zoom all over the house immediately afterwards with any limping, and 2. didn't alternate her "injured" paw. Faker.

And when she's not in her crate, she likes to burrow.

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