Friday, January 16, 2009

Leash your critters!

While enjoying a nice long walk yesterday, Coral and I were accosted by beagle. He seemed friendly enough, but I find it very annoying when people cannot be bothered to ensure their dogs don't get run over. Fortunately, Coral is very dog-friendly. However, it would have been a problem had I been walking Duke. Just as I do not appreciate being rushed by rude strangers trying to sniff my butt, neither does Duke. He's been extremely leery of other dogs since he got bitten by one a few years ago. Really people, leash your critters, and keep them inside when you're not outside with them. It's not hard.

A little later on our walk, when we see two very young children (under two feet tall, probably just learned to run) running around on the street, ignoring the threats of spankings by their grandmother. The little girl did eventually turn around and return upon the threats, but the little boy was not phased, and continued running. Honestly. If your critter has less than 100% recall, they really shouldn't be off-leash, regardless of whether they walk on 2 legs or 4. I hear they have effective backpack or harness type leashes for the 2-legged critters. They should look into them.

And today, the above-mentioned beagle was loose again. This time, instead of a friendly approach, he came rushing at us, barking and baying, with his hackles raised. Hackles that covered almost his entire back, making his appearance very similar to a crazed hyena. Kinda like this guy, but with beagle coloring.

Again, fortunately I was walking Coral, because Duke would not have appreciated that greeting. And fortunately, the beagle listened to my own warning to back off, and turned tail about 10 feet away and left us alone the remainder of the walk.

Is being a responsible pet owner that difficult? Why, oh why, can I not walk through my own neighborhood without having to deal with multiple dogs running the streets, or having to listen to a dozen dogs fence fighting? I just want to be able to walk my dog in peace, or be outside without having to listen to the screams and bays of dogs who are obviously just stuck outside for their owners convenience.


csa said...

You should see Opal when her hackles are raised. I would be scared if I didn't know that all she would do would be to pounce on someone and sniff-lick their ear.

csa said...

How about a good cupcake recipie?

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