Saturday, January 3, 2009

So much entertainment from a couple of tennis balls....

Life is never dull here. These are examples of what happens in a typical game of fetch at our house:

I pretend to throw the ball, Duke bolts off. Then stands and waits. And waits. Eventually he looks back at me all confused, wondering where his ball is.

After a few rounds of fetch, the ball bounces off the wall and rolls between his feet, coming to rest right between his back paws. So he drops his head between his front paws, staring, trying to figure out how to get to it.

I usually have 2, sometimes 3 balls in play because Coral will steal Duke's ball, and return with 2. So 3 balls are bouncing around, and Coral's trying to get all 3 balls in her mouth. Pick up two, chase after the third. Drop the two, and try again with the balls in a different order. Repeat 3 times. Give up, run back to me for her treat. (Coral only plays fetch when bribed with treats. No treat, no fetch for me.)

Coral comes back with a ball, I throw a ball for Duke, and she drops her ball to steal his. Then does the backwards shuffle while looking between her legs, trying to find the original ball, which is nowhere near her, because when she dropped it, it bounced and rolled forward, while she jumped backwards to steal Duke's ball.

What did I do for entertainment before I had dogs?

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