Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anyone want a fluffybutt mix?

We think she's a St. Bernard mix, but I personally thinks she's too dainty and ladylike to be a drooly Bernard. Most people think she's a baby because she's got some big paws, but I really think she's a bit older, between a year and two years. We all agree, though, that she is a complete sweetheart. She was dumped at someone's home, but they are unable to keep her, so she's being fostered by my brother-in-law and his wife. According to the couple, she's a counter surfer, but she was at my house with meat, cookies, and dog biscuits on the counter, and not once did she even look like she was going to try anything. She sniffed the trash a couple times, but stopped with a quick verbal correction. She appears to be housebroken, is very sweet and friendly with other dogs. While she played well with my pups, she doesn't appear to be too active. She's a complete lovebug, and loves to be petted. She doesn't appear to know any commands, but she is mellow, well mannered, doesn't jump, and will probably be pretty easy to train

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