Friday, June 26, 2009

FrisbeeDog demo yesterday

Working with Duke on new tricks and frisbee jumps.....good idea.
Thinking I can show them off at the next frisbee demo....dumb idea. Especially when the demo is outside at noon on a 100 degree day. Duke wasn't interested in playing. His speed decreases exponentially as it gets hotter, and he's not exactly a speed demon to begin with. Duke and I have only been practicing lately after 8 or 9 pm when it cools down a bit. He even has a snazzy new glow-in-the-dark frisbee if it's really dark. I did a couple short throws to warm him up, and he was slow, but fine. Once we started the demo, he caught his frisbee, and just stood there in the shade. He may be smarter than I thought.

One of the new jumps we've been working on is what I affectionately call the throatpunch move. This is what it's supposed to look like when done properly. Dog is in front of the handler, and jumps over them.

However, to teach it, you start off in this rather unattractive position to make sure the dog jumps over you rather than cheating off to the side.

Have I mentioned that Duke tends to jump short? He missed and landed on top of me, hitting me with one paw in the stomach, one on my hip, one right on my throat, and the fourth one right by my ear, pinning me by my hair. It hurt. Tim suggested not practicing this move without adult supervision anymore.

Some of my fav shots from the day:
Chaser takes a photo op.

Lexie is a new puppy to the sport, and is distracted very easily by the clicks from the corner.

Little Zoey is also new to the sport, but had so much fun demo'ing today she's giving her daddy wet willies to thank him.

I'm a dobie, and I has big teefs. (I think this is Jake.)

Jumping's for those little dogs, I'll just stretch.

Taz likes to jump, and likes to go long. Taz does NOT like boring close stuff.

Taz says "MOMMA! What did I just tell you about the boring close stuff?!"

Little sister Dakota has been hanging around Taz too much.

Too far Taz, frisbee's behind you!

Little Wendy in her natural state. Crazy about the frisbee and airborne.

Bucky thinks if he looks sad enough, someone will play frisbee with him.

A million zillion more pictures here:
Just pictures I took, so you're out of luck if you wanna see pictures of Duke giving me the paw.

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