Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And Coral completes the menagerie

Sweet, sweet Coral. These are older picture of her, because I'm in denial about her growing older. She's gotten some grey around her muzzle and on her chin lately, which makes me very sad. She can still run and play with the best of them, but she has lost some patience for hyper puppies that bounce all over her. She has, however, been great as far as teaching my fosters puppy manners.

One of her favorite activities is jumping into ponds after her bumper. LOVES it. when we go to Millie Bush dog park, or Bill Archer dog park, she runs straight to the pool and whines and waits for me to throw her bumper. So I thought DockDogs would be a fun activity for her. For DockDogs, the pup goes to the end of a deck, and jumps into the water after a toy. This was Coral's very first jump.
Isn't she talented? ;) Go go to see how it's really done.


csa said...

gosh Duke is slow on the uptake. It would have taken the girlz a split second to get that peanut butter

nital said...

lol. and duke is my smart one.