Thursday, December 25, 2008


Santa Paws was very good to us this year. Coral and Duke both got spiffy new collars. Coral has a pretty pink martini collar courtesy of Bridget while Duke has a leather UT collar. They also got lots of new tennis balls, a new frisbee, and a beginner agility set. We've already started playing with it, and after being a weenie about the tunnel initially, Duke is now zipping through the tunnel and jumping over the bar. Coral has had a small introduction to some agility obstacles from her training class a few years ago, so didn't require much coaxing. I'll post pictures of the beasts with their snazzy new duds and playing with their new toys over the next few days

I got the Baker's Edge brownie pan, a Pampered Chef mandolin that I've been coveting forever, a cheesecake cookbook with a zillion yummy looking recipes, and a book on dog essays. You're jealous, aren't you?

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