Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas goodies!

It's the villain all dogs love to hate, Michael Vick. On a stick. One of our local dog bakeries used to make these all the time, and my soon-to-be sister-in-law ordered a bunch for the dogs for Christmas. What does one do with Michael Vick on a stick? Ask the pups.

The pups also got new collars. I picked out a cute pink martini collar for Coral from Bridget's TeenyTinyCollar's Etsy shop, but I couldn't figure out which one I liked for Duke. Tim decided to make the decision for me, and chose to get a UT collar for Duke. I was very concerned at first, because I didn't think a burnt orange collar would be very becoming on my orange/black dog. Fortunately, he picked out a nice brown leather one instead. I'm having a hard time getting used to it, because it does blend in with Duke's coat, but I'm still just happy it's not burnt orange.

One of my presents was the BakersEdge brownie pan. I LOVE the corner pieces on brownies. In fact, anytime I bake them, I eat the four corners, and then send the rest to work with the hubby. So he got me this pan for Christmas. A pan with two edges on every piece! And two bonus brownies with THREE edges! Of course, my happiness was met with groans across the room, because this means I will be hoarding all my brownies from now on, instead of sending them to work with Tim.

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Tiff said...

The brownie edge pan is something I've wanted for awhile now. Your dogs are very cute!