Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's raining frisbees!

About two months ago, I saw a Frisbee Dog demonstration, and decided that Duke could totally do that. After purchasing a couple inexpensive frisbees, and spending some time tossing it to Duke, I learned a few things: 1. Duke has really strong jaws. With each catch, the frisbee got several new puncture wounds. Fortunately, Duke can't really catch, so each frisbee lasted about.....three days. 2. Frisbees with 40 holes in them don't fly straight. 3. I can't throw.

A friend of mine quickly recommended the Jawz frisbee, which solved problem #2. After about a month of play, they're looking dirty and the paint's coming off, but Duke's teeth have not inflicted any damage. Even though the Jawz is relatively heavy, it's lack of prickly puncture wounds helped greatly with aerodynamics.

Today I meet up with the local Frisbee Dog club, and they had a throwing workshop, exactly what I needed. Between this workshop and a few pointers I got last month, my throwing is getting less sucky. I still suck, mind you, but at least I'm getting better at my backhand throw. The forehand throw....yeah, that's just not pretty. After showing us the techniques, they pulled out about 50 frisbees, and we just went to town throwing them back and forth. At one point there were 10 of us throwing rapidfire, with a couple of the more experienced frisbeedogs working themselves up into a frenzy on the sidelines. One managed to get loose, and he just ran around like a crazed madman, chasing the flurry of frisbees. He probably thought he was in frisbeedog Disneyland.

My wrist is a bit sore from throwing, but Duke is a happy camper, who is currently passed out at my feet from the fun and excitement.

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csa said...

I need one that revolves around tennis balls.