Monday, December 8, 2008

Meet Monkey!

Meet my current foster dog, Fletch. He's a very silly monkey, thus his nickname. He's about a year old, and is still very puppyful. Life with Monkey is always entertaining. He's very active, and while he has super long legs, he hasn't quite figured out how to work them yet, so seeing all 4 legs fly in different directions is not an uncommon occurrence. Nor is watching him trip over his own feet. He's doing very well learning basic obedience, and working on puppy manners. He's sweet as can be, and loves all other dogs and people. He's still learning to speak dog and learning when other dogs have had enough, but he's very quick to defer and flop into an omega roll or play bow when my cranky female has played enough. He certainly means no harm though, and just wants to play all the time. I take him to the dog park frequently, which he absolutely adores. He finds pups to run around and play with, and then takes short breaks to visit all the people and love on them.

I foster through a great rescue group called Scout's Honor ( Scout's Honor is an all-breeds rescue that typically has almost 100 dogs and cats in their program at any given time. Most of these guys come from pretty dire circumstances. Many were pulled at the last minute from kill shelters. Some were strays with nowhere else to go. Some needed expensive surgeries that other rescues/shelters were not able to provide. The ones in the program are the lucky ones though. Once they make it in, they're provided for, and have a foster home that takes care of them. Unfortunately, we can't take in every dog or cat--funds and resources are too limited. So this season, if you can, don't forget our furry friends. Donations of money, time, food, towels, or toys are always appreciated.

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